Between The Pixels Episode 20: For River

We’re two men down this week. Unfortunately Dylan and Travis (staff writer) were unable to join us this week, but don’t worry, they will be back on soon.

This week we have we cover a very special indie game called To The Moon. If you haven’t played To The Moon, or if you have but you haven’t finished it, we highly recommend playing it to completion before listening to the To The Moon discussion because it does have a lot of spoilers. We do warn you before hand though. If you want to skip that section, it starts around 45:30 and ends at 1:06:30.

Jared, Devin, and Brian

Anamanaguchi – Helix Nebula
Kan R. Gao – For River (Johnny’s version)
Kan R. Gao – For River (Sarah & Tommy’s version)

Max Payne delayed
Bioware bans player for meme
Amy isn’t bad, it’s just hard?
Resident Evil 6 announced
Blackout Protest was pretty successful

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